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Places To Visit During Monsoon Season In India

Our country India is a land of beautiful flower valleys, dense forests, gigantic waterfalls and monsoon (rainy) season is one of the best times of the year to witness the scenic beauty of these landscapes. Take a break from the madness of everyday life and rejuvenate your soul with cool winds, light raindrops and the soothing scent of the wet soil. For all the rain lovers out there, we have listed top 10 monsoon destinations in India that you should add to your bucket list:

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Kodaikanal is the best location in India to visit during the monsoon season. Although the weather of Kodaikanal is pleasant throughout the year but during rainy season, this hill station looks more enticing as the surroundings turn bountiful & evergreen. Cool misty wind, blooming flowers, serene lakes, majestic waterfalls, occasional rain showers will fill your heart with bliss.

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Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya is an ideal place for a short monsoon vacation with your family. During monsoons, Shillong is covered with lush green foliage, the sky is laden with clouds and you are likely to view the magnificient waterfalls at full force. The beauty of Shillong is enhanced manifolds during rainy season.

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Udaipur does not receives heavy rainfall but still is considered as one of the top monsoon destination in India. Surrounded by the Aravalli hills, Udaipur has pleasant weather during the rainy season. Following the rains, the surrounding mountain ranges spring back to life with lush greenery all around and the man made lakes are replete with rainwater. The monsoon is therefore the best season to explore Udaipur, as the beauty of the city is at its peak.

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Coorg, the most popular hill station in Karnataka, is famous for its aromatic coffee plantations & lush green environment. Coorg receives rainfall from June to September and looks heavenly during the monsoon season. You can catch stunning views from Raja's seat, take a tour to coffee plantations, spend some time with elephants in Dubare and indulge in bird watching.


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The most loved weekend destination of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar turns stunningly green during monsoon, as the mountain slopes are covered with abundance of flora and the lakes, waterfalls are replenished with new vigor. Spending a short vacation here after the onset of monsoons can give you some of the breathtaking views of the valley.

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Agumbe in Karnataka is one of the hidden gems of Western ghats, that you must explore during monsoon in India. It is also known as the Cherrapunji of South India, as this region receives the highest rainfall in South India. Panaromic views of the dense rainforest, challenging trekking trails and the overflowing waterfalls makes Agumbe a perfect monsoon destination.

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Monsoon is the perfect season to explore Ladakh, the only cold desert of India. Nature & adventure lovers from all over the world visit Ladakh during the rainy season to enjoy the pleasant weather and visit serene lakes, stupas & monastries. Words are less to describe the beauty of this place. Read this blog to know more about the places to visit Leh Ladakh.

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Kangojodi in Nahan is one of the best hill stations to experience the magic of monsoon, when the lofty hills are greener and the natural water spring is running at its full force. The main attraction here is the camp site Camp Roxx where you can indulge in a lot of adventure activities like flying fox, rapelling, river crossing. Other things not to miss at Kangojodi are trekking, bird watching, bonfire, water splashing & star gazing.

best monsoon destination in India - nautunkee


Orchha is a serene town located in the Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. Due to the onset of monsoon, Orchha becomes breathtakingly beautiful with lush green surroundings all over. Therefore, monsoon season is an ideal time to explore this splendid town.

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Mount Abu receives less rainfall but the landscape of this hill station changes completely. Monsoon makes this place fresh, green & lively. The sky is clear, weather is pleasant and the waterfalls are a delight to watch. If you are a nature lover, then monsoon is a favorable time for you to explore Mount Abu.

best monsoon destination in India - nautunkee

Before you select any particular monsoon destination, make sure to check the weather forecast. Travelling to these places in monsoon will definitely leave you with worthy memories.


1) Which place is best in monsoon in India ?  

Best places to visit in monsoon in India are Kodaikanal, Ladakh, Agumbe, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Shillong, Kangojodi (Nahan), Coorg. You can visit these places with your friends or your family. Make sure that you keep on checking the weather forecast of these places before making a plan.

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