Who We Are

Nautunkee started in the monsoon of 2019. Two siblings - Ms Jasleen Kaur & Mr. Simranjeet Singh had a vision to spread happiness by turning everyday essentials into a colorful and printed piece inspired by what we think, what is going around us and the roles we play in different stages of life.

I was scouting for new and interesting designs of T-shirts for my personal use. To my disappointment, every other design looked repititive. So what I did was, I designed it for myself and got it customised and printed on a T-shirt. After few days, I wore that T-shirt on a casual brunch with my friends. They asked from where did I purchased this Tee. And I was like " Yeh to khud design ki hai".
I received a lot of compliments for the same. Surprisingly two of my friends also asked me to design for them as well. I shared my design with them and asked them to place an order. When I came back home, I narrated the story to my parents and my brother. My brother suggested me to design few more so that we can see the response of our neighbors and our relatives. After that we never looked back and soon launched our own online store. Now we are serving customers across India.

The name Nautunkee is derived from the word "Nautanki" which is a famous art form to express what you feel and whats going around you (be it good or bad). It is also used to express different roles of person in different stages of life. Moreover,it is a catchy name. We thought why not add a tadka to the game of expression. We started bringing new designs which can help us cherish or relate to what's going on around us.

SIMPLY PUT- Nautunkee is a celebration of Indianness. There is something for every Mindset, Style & Occasion here.

Before launching any new design on our online store, we love to wear those designs ourselves. We only use the best material for all our products. Prior to shipping, we do several levels of quality check. Hence, eliminating any chances of counterfeit products. Still have a question about the quality, you can connect with us at support@nautunkee.com

Our goal is to provide you with the fresh & quirky designs straight from our creative oven.