FAQ - Nautunkee's Affilaite Program

1) Do I have to pay something to register for affiliate program ?

No you do not have to pay anything to join Nautunkee's affiliate program. It is free of cost. You have to join here - JOIN NOW

2) What is the criteria of being an affiliate ?

If you are a content creator/influencer/blogger and you have decent following on your social media pages, you can be a part of Nautunkee's affiliate program. Make sure that the information entered by you is true and filled properly.

3) I have registered, how long will the team take to approve my account ?

Generally, Approval takes 24-48 hrs. You will receive a confirmation email, once your profile is approved.

4) Once I get approved, how to get started ?

Once your profile gets approved, you will receive an email and access to a dashboard where-

  • Manage you profile, add your address & contact details
  • Access tool bar
  • Check your performance reports
  • Receive free products from Nautunkee for the first time

5) What products from Nautunkee can I promote on my blog ?

If you are an individual blogger, you can promote any product from Nautunkee.com , on your website. Make sure you follow the terms & conditions

6) Will I receive free products from Nautunkee every month ?

No, you will not receive free products from Nautunkee every month. You will only receive free products for the first time. 

7) What if the customer cancels or returns the order ?

If the customer cancels or returns the order, you will not be paid any commission for that order.

8) What is the duration of cookie ?

15 days.

9) What is the payment cycle ?

The final commission is calculated once the orders of a month are successful. Successful order means that the customer has neither cancelled nor returned an order. Payment cycle is by the end of the said month + 15 days. 

For example - January's final commission will hit your account between 15-20 February.

 10) What are the available payment options ?

Available payment options are - UPI or Paytm. Make sure to enter your UPI or Paytm details correctly as no further communication shall be entertained for wrong details entered by you.

11) Whom to contact for more information on Nautunkee's affiliate program ?

You can get in touch with us at support@nautunkee.com