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Mother's Day Celebration At Home

Mother's day is just a month away, all the daughters and sons, its time to throw a party for your mother, to make her feel special, to cherish her. Now don't tell me that we'll have a brunch at a fine dining restaurant. Remember your birthdays, when your mother used to set up birthday parties for you inviting all your friends and making preparations alone. She only wanted to see you happy. She doesn't needs a fancy restaurant, she needs a day with you. The most precious thing you can gift your mother is your time, care, love and affection.

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So take a day off from your schedule and make this mother's day extra special for her. Read this list that has been made by Nautunkee, to know how to host mother's day party at home for your mom.


Include your dad and siblings in your plan, you will need their help in each and every step. Its totally upto you whether you wish to keep this celebration a low key affair or if you would like to invite extended family as well. Accordingly make a guest list and send them digital invitations.

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Since you are throwing mother's day party at home, then you don't need to spend on venue. But still you need to figure out an estimate that you will spend on decorations, gifts, cake, food, beverages, disposables cutlery etc.


Parties are incomplete without gifts. Think in advance, what would you like to gift your mother ? It may be a gold pendant, customised gift box or a mug for your mother. Try searching for a gift that matches with your mom's interest. For eg- if your mom loves gardening, then buy her a set of plants that she can take care of, just like her own kids. Add a mothers day mug, her favourite sweet box and a handmade card for your mom and your mother's day gift is ready.

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Order cake and beverages in advance. Try getting a freshly baked cake from any famous bakery in your city rather than ordering online. For food, its up to you if you would like to prepare her favourite meal by yourself or if you would like to order food from her favourite restaurant. Assuming that its a low key affair, you can take help from your siblings and prepare food at home, as it will add a personal touch to the event. 

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Decorate your home with fresh flowers, balloons, old photographs, mother's day props, play videos that carry some sort of emotional value and your mother can revisit the old memories. Also you can order family t-shirts for your family to get that small get-together vibe.

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Ask your dad to take your mom outside for few hours, maybe for a movie or at a relative's place. This will give you and your siblings the time to put  everything in place. now when they come back, you can play bollywood songs like "tu kitni achi hai, tu kitni bholi hai, Oh Maa " and reveal the surprise to her. Just hug her and tell her that how much is she important to you. Enjoy the party, click pictures and spend quality time with your mom.

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I hope your hard work pays off and bring smile and tears of joy to the whole family. Trust me, a day spent with her children and her grandchildren will be the most special mother's day gift she can ask for.

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