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Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses To Try

Getting married to your soulmate? Marriage is incomplete without pre-wedding photo shoot these days. A pre-wedding shoot is a photo shoot of the couple done before they get married. Couples and photographers go to great extent from selecting destinations to costumes and props to capture good results.For both the bride and groom, a pre-wedding shoot is a good time to get comfortable in front of the camera. We are living in this Instagram era, where we see pics of couples posing together for their photoshoot. For a perfect pre-wedding shoot, all the couples should try these evergreen romantic poses that can be suitable for any kind of theme. So let’s have a look at some of pre-wedding photo shoot poses.


The beach presents us with an unlimited amount of breathtaking photoshoot poses. Sunset on the beach is magical. Why not make use of that moment and take some romantic pics. You may also practice some salsa moves on the beach. Another option is that you can just take a walk with your partner so that your photographer has an opportunity to capture excellent shots reflecting your true feelings. Beautiful scenery of the coastline will make your pre wedding pictures magical. For Men, wearing polos or tshirts will do but for women don't forget to wear some flowy dresses.


Want to try some spicy bollywood poses to your pre wed shoot, then what better than a rainy day. Get drenched in the rain clinging to each other under one umbrella. Forget the photographer and the camera, just enjoy the water droplets, the opportunity and let the natural feelings and chemistry between both of you take over. Don't forget to wear a saree.


If you have choosen a natural location for your pre-wed shoot, then you can try out this pose. Just lay down on the grass, while facing each other as shown in the pic. When you and your partner are looking into each other's eyes, you really don't need any photo prop. You can also lie down in his lap for a cosy couple pose that feels easy and natural. Wear couple tshirts for pre-wedding shoot as they will be comfortable to wear during outdoor shoot.


If you have a reflective surface such as still water, you can get really creative with your shots. Try new poses and have fun in your shoot. You can ask your photographer to shoot some symmetric images where your image and the reflection will be of the same size.


You can never go wrong with dance poses. Just play some soft romantic songs on your phone and dance with your partner. Sometimes all you need to ace your pre-wedding shoot is just the perfect chemistry between the two of you.


Trust me, riding on a boat with your partner in a secluded lake, is the most romantic pose and could take your pre wed shoot to a next level.


The groom can piggyback his bride-to-be in this cute pose. So girls, jump up for a piggyback ride in this funny couple pose that surely enough to make you laugh naturally.

Whatever poses you may choose for your pre wed shoot but don't forget to stay real. After all its the chemistry between the both of you that will take the pics to a next level. 


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